Exploring New Player Casino Bonuses

new player  casino bonus

To encourage gamblers to join up, there are a large number of casino bonuses on offer. If you're wondering what the different types are, which are the best for you, and how they work, we've put together this handy guide.

No Deposit Casino Bonuses

Best suited to those trying out gambling for the first time and those watching the pennies, no deposit offers give a little something for nothing. Free spins, credits, or cash (the first two tied to specific slots/non-slots games, and the latter able to be used as the player wishes and best for those who like variety) worth around £20 or so can be had without depositing anything at all. Be aware that this, like almost all special offers, will come with some requirements (see below).

Deposit Matching Promotions

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Deposit matching is commonly offered by online gambling sites, and is usually for the first deposit only. Occasionally it can stretch to the first few deposits (although the rate and ceiling may vary for the different deposits). The upper limit might be around £100 or so, and the average match rate is 100% (so, for every pound the individual puts in the casino also puts in a pound). The rate might be as low as 50% but the best might be as high as 200%. If you're going to deposit money anyway, this is a great way of starting off with a little extra.

New Player Referral Bonuses

new player  casino bonus bestunitedkingdomcasinos.com

To invert things, existing gamblers can make a little extra when referring a friend of theirs to the same site. Because the online gambling industry is so competitive, rivals are always keen to poach players from one another. To encourage this, they provide a financial incentive for individuals to refer a friend. If said friend then joins, a modest amount of cash is provided to the referrer (this might happen upon registration of the referred individual, or a first deposit, the terms can vary a bit).

Caps and Requirements

That's all the good stuff. Unfortunately, just about everything in life comes with at least some strings attached. For new player bonuses, these are the requirements. First off, most promotions have a time limit (although this tends to be generous and as long as you don't faff about it shouldn't be a problem).

The wagering requirement is the total amount that must be wagered before any cash can be withdrawn. Be aware that (if you have a choice of games) different games may contribute at different rates. Slots tend to be 100%, table games can be significantly less.

Last, we have the withdrawal cap, which might be a couple of hundred pounds. What this does is set a ceiling on potential winnings. You can finish ahead, but you won't be retiring with your winnings.

And that ends our quick look at some of the special offers that new players can enjoy. There's plenty out there, so be sure to browse the market to find the best one(s) for you.